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Ashley and Cody Wedding Photobooth – July 30, 2017

by | Aug 9, 2017

It starts with a glance across a room, then a smile, then a wink and a smile, before someone makes the first move–a smile and a “hello.” Conversation comes easily, laughter follows, and before they know it, Ashley and Cody are in love. A ring is bought and then their dream wedding starts to come together exactly to plan — a beautiful dress for the bride, an outdoor ceremony with fantastic water views, overflowing natural bouquets, special touches from the bride and groom, and their closest family and friends in attendance.

Everything was going perfectly until the morning of July 30, 2017–WEDDING DAY is here!! This is the day Ashley and Cody had dreamed of and planned for, except that it is raining on their perfect day. Actually, it’s raining VERY hard and the radar shows no signs of it stopping. Frantic calls are placed to the wedding planner, Britanny from, what do we do?

The best and safest option at the beautiful River House in St. Augustine, FL is to move the ceremony into the grand ballroom with big windows overlooking the sea. But their dream was an outdoor wedding with the breeze blowing and the waves gentle lapping providing background music!! Britanny spent the entire day coordinating with the venue, the various vendors, and the wedding party. She did an AWESOME job setting up the venue and keeping on top of the ever changing logistics.

Fotoboyz was set up and ready to go at a moment’s notice with Giant Jenga for the cocktail hour–inside or outside!- and the Flipbooks Portrait Studio for the reception inside. We anxiously awaited ceremony start time to see where to go–and then it happened……

The DREAM CAME TRUE!!!! The skies cleared!! Quickly the seating was set up, the arbor with fresh flowers climbing the side and stretching across the top was placed with the beautiful sea beyond it, and the guests started to arrive just as the finishing touches were put in place.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful. Ashley and Cody said their vows, kissed each other, and exchanged their rings lovingly. Then the celebration started!!

Cocktail hour was on the deck and under the porch where Fotoboyz had Giant Jenga set up. Guests had a great time playing while enjoying passed hors d’oeuvres and custom drinks designed by the bride and groom.

As the guests were called inside the beautiful ballroom for the reception, the Fotoboyz team prepared for action once the bride and groom were announced and glasses were raised to toast the new couple after special speeches.

There was a delicious buffet for the evening meal so Fotoboyz Flipbooks Studio was packed ALL night, and these guests knew how to have fun!!! The kids were the first ones in–they loved playing with our new glitter backdrop drawing designs in it before filming their videos. Soon they were bringing their parents in the Flipbooks Studio and the family videos were really memorable. One grandmother waited anxiously for her

Flipbook to be printed and bound. When she received it, her smile was priceless! In her words, “how often do I get to do something fun like this with my grandkids that creates such a great memory and keepsake?”

After the adults had been fortified with food and refreshing drinks, the fun really started. Conga lines became all the rage and it was soon a fun competition to see who could create the longest conga line in the Flipbooks Studio!! The printed Flipbooks of these are outrageously fun. Ashley, the new bride, came in time after time with her friends and family even giving her new in-laws a big hug a thanking them for the photo booth. She became an expert at photo bombing the videos and even created a new move–the pop tart. She would sneak in and pop up in the center of the video!! Everyone loved it and Fotoboyz stayed busy, busy, busy all night long!!

Guests had a fantastic time creating the videos and receiving their masterpiece Flipbook creations. Ashley and Cody had worked with our Graphic Design team to create front and back covers that complemented their reception theme and had special meaning to them. We bound books for everyone in the video to take home as a memory of this wonderful night.

What started out as a long rainy day where dreams might have to be altered turned into the PERFECT wedding evening for Ashley and Cody, and another successful event for Fotoboyz!

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