AVP Association of Volleyball Professionals is touring the US for the No Holding Back Pro Tour. The last week in July the tour came to Fort Lauderdale Beach, FL for a professional volleyball tournament, the Ft. Lauderdale Open. The expectations were for a large turn out which required grandstands and bleachers to seat all the fans.

Jordan Stimmel, operations manager for AVP reached out to Fotoboyz to see what we could do. Summertime is super busy with outdoor events but we managed to arrange for two of our brand new 10 row 175 seat bleachers to be placed on the sand in front of all the action.

Portable Bleacher Rental in Ft. Lauderdale

We just took delivery from www.towablebleachers.com.  These brand new awesome portable grandstands. They were super easy to set up. It took us only 15 minutes from the time we arrived on location, to being set up and ready for guests. Our old build on-site bleachers would take a crew of 5 guys 8 hours to set up. We got the Towable Bleachers  to the staging area and then used a special tractor called a skid steer to get them onto the sand and situated.

It is simply amazing to watch the bare sand become a complete village with amazing volleyball court, a VIP area, a medical tent and more. The sand was hot but the play was even hotter. Trevor Crabb and Tri Bourne took the top prize.

It is always a pleasure to work with a new client and especially nice when their vision and exceptions are met. We look forward to more events on the AVP tour in the future.

Check out these photos from the event!

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