Did you know, that many companies find it difficult to set up bleachers for public events on sandy beaches?  The sand makes it a challenge to set up and level the bleachers so they are safe for the public to sit on.

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This is not an issue for the FotoBoyz and our new portable bleacher system for rent.  We can set up our bleachers on almost any surface, including the soft sand found on Florida beaches.

If you are planning any kind of outdoor event, whether it is a concert, a volley ball tournament, sand tennis, water sports competitions, triathlons, or any other special event where spectators need seating… contact us today about our bleacher rentals for beaches.

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About the FotoBoyz:

FotoBoyz events and rentals provides mobile bleacher rentals for all kinds of events.  Headquartered in Boynton Beach FL, we know how to run events on the sunny ocean beaches.  If you’re looking for bleacher rentals, photo booths, inflatable games, or any other kind of entertainment, contact us today!