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Candy Game

Crane Game

Candy or Prizes

This is a great addition to your party. We fill up the crane with your favorite candy. We even have a kosher candy option. Your guests play until they win. We can even switch it up with prizes.

Clients can even provide prizes or we can provide the items for an additional fee.

candy crane

Did You Know?

Claw machines are a worldwide phenomenon and have various formats of operation.

Here in the United States you’re probably more used to the joystick claw machine which offers full control of every direction of the claw machine. In other parts of the world however, the claw machine is more likely to be operated by pressing a button which can make the game a bit more difficult.

Unlike the joystick claw machine, the button ones will move the claw horizontally or vertically across the play board until the button is pressed. It will then go the other direction until the button is pressed again causing the claw to drop.

Sure the claw will shake a lot less but overall increases the difficulty of the game because the player can’t control the claw.

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