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With all the best games in one place, from pac-man to donkey kong you can’t go wrong! Easy setup for any venue, giving you hours of entertainment guaranteed!

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Did you know?

Arcade games have been around for a lot longer than most people know. The first arcade game was invented in 1909, and that game was Skee Ball (which we also have available for rent).

A couple decades later, Pinball (a staple of any arcade) took on several different forms between the 1930’s to the 1950’s adding their classic flippers to the game. Pinball had a lot of push back however as it was treated as a game of chance and for the time period that classified the game as a form of gambling.

The 80’s arcade video games started to become a phenomenon a little bit earlier than the 1980’s. In 1972 Pong was officially released and became the first successful coin-operated video game.

All of these different games paved the way for the arcades we play in today!

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