Corporate Event in South Beach, Miami

club-mansion-photoboothHow to make a regular corporate event extra special?

AT&T, Fiat and VH-1 wanted something unique and different for the world famous event that takes over South Beach. How do they make a big Splash?

First off, hold the after party at the super famous Club Mansion the reigning king of EDM (Electronic Dance Music).  Mansion is an amazing space with lots of various rooms from the giant dance floor to the much more intimate nooks and the swanky VIP lounge. A major $150,000 LED custom Lighting package is over the top.

We needed to come up with two different  and of course style related activities.

For AT&T, we brought in actual graffiti artists from the Wynwood design district downtown Miami and our Virtual Graffiti Wall. Instead of the usual taking pictures and doctoring around the photos, we gave the artists a blank white canvas and had a competition to see who could be the most original.

The Virtual Graffiti Wall uses light sensors to pick up the “spray” cans you aim at the screen. We have unlimited color palette for ultimate creativity.  Super fun for the artists to try out a digital version of their own art form and gray for the generally attendees to watch learn and ultimately try their own skills.  All the images were instantly uploaded to a special fan page on Facebook available to share and be shared.  A big hit! Now the trouble is how do we top it for next year!!

As for Fiat, they wanted something with big branding and action. We created a custom branded slo-motion video booth.

People lined up all night to have their turn creating a super slo-mo video set to music and instantly delivered right to their phone, email, face book, instagram or twitter feed. The great part for both our clients is that they created new relationships with the attending guests and after the event they have the data lists so they can let people know about the next event to come.

We always seek to blend the clients wishes with what will be fun and memorable for the guests.

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