Billionaire Boss Affair 360 photo booth

20.12.06- The Yacht South Beach Lady, Hollywood, FL

Billionaire Boss Affair 360OK Let’s come up with a cool way to celebrate the birthday of three friends and make it extra special……How about everyone from Atlanta come to Florida for the weekend and party on a 120 foot yacht. Sponsored by Shop Koil.

Fotoboyz was tasked with creating a unique photo experience that can fit and work well in the situation. The choice from our many photo booth options was to have our 360 spinner photo booth (as seen recently at Cardi B’s birthday).

Billionaire Boss Affair 360This booth is cutting edge tech that is the latest craze with celebrity parties. We now have the ability to instantly shoot a video on site and instantly let the guest’s share it on social media.

Up to 3 Guests are encouraged to get on the platform dance, spin, move to create a great video. Our software takes the video adds slow motions, special effects and even music so that you end up with the ultimate Instagram post.

After the event is over weBillionaire Boss Affair 360 on line host all the videos and share the link with our client.

We were also tasked with taking two very small photos of family members that have recently passed away add custom graphics and print out life size images that were applied to two windows on the yacht as a memorial message.