Kim’s Cool Surprise 80’s Theme 50th Birthday Party

Surprise 80’s Theme 50th Birthday

Surprise 80s Theme 50th Birthday 120.12.14 Regal Event Hall -Port St Lucie, FL

When you turn 50 you need to mark the milestone in a fun way. What better then to have all your friends and family surprise you with a birthday blowout? A great way to top it off is to see everyone in their 1980’s finest. Think neon colors, big hair, Madonna, MTV and all the great bands.

Our team set the tone with an Open style photo booth that let guest’s enjoy Boomerang videos, animated GIF’s and unlimited printed photos with extra copies just to fill our interactive scrapbook. Guest’s take a photo, we glue a copy in the book and have everyone leave a message to our guest of honor next to their photo…..such a nice extra touch. Plus, we also had a 50″ monitor running a slide show of all the photos that faced directly towards the dance floor so everyone could see all the fun.

For extra fun we also provided 80’s arcade style video games and a Skeeball game of course all the games had led lights just to look even more in theme.

A great time was had be all….

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