~Nov 13th 2019 Boca Raton, FL The Addison

Guaranteed Rate prides itself on being the best.  They are one of the largest mortgage lenders in the US. The best mortgage rates for their clients and the best work place for their team members. When it came time for the company holiday party it couldn’t be boring or the same old thing.

Amy Murgatroy, of Guaranteed Rate reached out and wanted to do something different for the holiday party. The gathering was for both staff and top clients.

First thing was to have it at an iconic South Florida venue, The Addision. This space is a historic land mark, the former offices and personal home of Addison Mizner. Addison, was the architect behind Florida landmarks like the Breakers Resort, The Everglades Club and The Boca Raton Resort. It is an absolute visual treasure. Now it is a spectacular venue for events. A great environment serving up terrific food. All they needed now is the fun activities.

Rather than go the typical route and have a photographer or a Photo Booth. Amy, decided to go for something that would be different and the added appeal of perminence. A couple of years ago she attended a wedding and made a Flipbook Photo Experience. Three years later, She still had the book on her desk in the office and contacted fotoboyz to replicate the experience for her event.


Guests got choose from an assortment of props then make a 10-20 second video doing all sorts of fun stuff–dancing, spinning, hugging, kissing and just being silly. Fotoboyz then printed the video clip and turns it into an actual physical flip book. We bind the books on the spot so guests leave with their own flipbook party memories from the event. We were able to customize the front and back covers of the books to have the company logo and contact information.

All the videos were displayed on a 50″ monitor throughout the night.

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In addition to getting the book, we also provided 4×6 printed photo and site guest’s were able to get a copy of their video sent via text or email. Plus we even put together a blooper reel of all the video outtakes set to music.