Ariel’s Amazing Bar Mitzvah

Ariel’s Amazing Bar MitzvahAriel's Amazing Bar Mitzvah

20-11-14 Tower 41-Miami Beach FL

Emily Hershtal, was all about making her child’s Bar Mitzvah extra fun and memorable. She contacted Fotoboyz to add the fun stuff that would entertain the kids and make the memories for everyone.

First thing to do was to come up with ways to keep the teenage boys from being bored and getting into trouble. Games are always a good choice! We had our LED white acrylic ping pong table that we embossed ¬†custom graphics with Ariel’s logo directly onto the play surface Two Pop-A-Shots basketball games that let 4 kids at a time.

The super fun LED Roving Photo booth¬†is such a unique experience. Instead of a photo booth that sits in one spot, our team moves all about the party capturing the moments wherever they happen. We move from the bar to the dance floor and everywhere in between. We don’t just do photos but boomerang videos as well. Plus, we set up our wireless printing station with a 50 inch monitor run-in g a slideshow. Plus, we printed extra copies that were glued in the interactive scrapbook. Guest’s were encouraged to write their personal messages to Ariel in the book right next to their photo.

Mazel Tov to Ariel!!

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