Super Anime Sweet 16

9.19.2020 Monroe Township, NJ

Eric McDay, from Simply Anise Events was tasked with taking an idea for a Broadway/Anime theme sweet sixteen and to make it a reality in the current Covid world.  They needed to create a cool vibe, have lots of activities and most importantly, since having the party at a venue would be difficult to transform their client’s backyard and deck into a cool party space.

A cool first step was to have a red carpet with velvet ropes and a Hollywood backdrop for the guests to pose in front. We used a picture of Sydney (our guest of honor) from a past photo shoot. Our graphic design team chopped her out of the backdrop and inserted her on the cover of teen vogue magazine with special personal headlines. We printed a giant 6 foot wide x 8 foot tall backdrop that guest’s could pose in front of.

We wanted a cool take away for the attendees. Since Sydney, has lots of different interests, the idea was to allow guests to have multiple backdrops to choose from. The best way to accomplish this goal was to have a Green Screen Photo Booth.  By setting up a green backdrop we could instantly place the guests in a choice of 9 different scenes. We used Sydney’s favorite movies, Broadway shows and a selection of Anime characters  as choices. Plus, all the photos taken had a custom lights, camera action logo made just for this event.

Another added bonus, we were able to wirelessly send the photos to a giant TV monitor on the other side of the house so people could see the action wherever they were partying.

It was such a pleasure working with Erica and the whole team. A great planner makes a great event. It is amazing how much smoother things go when a professional steps up and runs the show.