19.06.01 Flagler Museum, Palm Beach, FL

Jessica Masi, high end planner of Masi events wanted to come up with something unique for her clients Kristen & Felipe for their wedding reception.

Flagler Museum is an iconic venue on “the island” (Palm Beach Island). It was originally built in the 1900’s as Henry Flagler’s (the railroad business tycoon and the founder of the Breakers hotel) private home and has since become an amazing event space. Due to the historic nature of the space, there are very limited spaces that you can have a traditional photo booth.

To avoid these issues and to capture all the unique memories live as they occur, Jessica, selected our LED Roving Selfie Photo Booth. Our roving booth was able to go where the guests were to capture the special moments live. We are able to get people who would never take a photo in a photo booth to jump in on all the fun. Plus we also captured animated GIF’s and Boomerang videos to add even more fun.

We also utilized our wireless printing station and 50″ monitor running a slide show so all the attendees should see all the photos live during the event.

Contrats to our happy couple!