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Classic Football Toss

Who’s the best quarterback! Players face off and try to score the most touchdowns. Keep score and see who is the next Superbowl champ. We can put 2 of these next to each other and create a real competition.

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Basic Foosball Rules

  1. Standard Play– Two players get 30 seconds to score as many points as possible.  Last 10 seconds each goal is worth 3 points
  2. Solo– Same as Standard Play, but single player
  3. Crisscross– Players shot at opponent’s goal.  :30 seconds on the clock.
  4. Skeet Shooting– Announcer says “shoot”.  Player has three seconds to make a shot.  Game continues until player/s fail to make the shot in allotted time.
  5. Sharp Shooter– Announcer will says “left” or “right”.  Player has 3 seconds to make a shot in corresponding goal.  Game is over when player fails to make the shot in allotted time.
  6. Double of Nothing– A two player game where each consecutive made shot counts as double (2, 4, 8, etc.).  If no shot made within 3 seconds scoring goes back to 2.  :30 seconds on the clock.
  7. Overtime– Same as standard play but with a full minute on the clock
  8. Sudden Death– :15 seconds on the clock, same as standard play
  9. Free Play– No clock, each score worth 2 points
  10. Team– :30 seconds on the clock, scores of both players added together.

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