Giant Jenga

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Giant Jenga Game – Party Rental

Our Giant Jenga game is fun for everyone!!! Multiple people play at the same time taking turns trying to pull out a puzzle piece without toppling the tower.

Our staff sets up the Jenga tower every time it topples and the next group then tries to outdo the previous one. This game makes players laugh every time! It’s a great addition to any event.

Basic Jenga Rules

The player who stacked the tower goes first.

Take turns carefully removing a block anywhere BELOW the highest completed story by using only one hand.

Then stack the block on top of the tower at right angles to the blocks just below it.

Players can touch other blocks to find a loose one – but if a block moves out of place, they must fix it before touching another one.

While stacking, always complete a three-block story before starting a higher one.

A player’s turn ends 10 seconds after stacking their block or as soon as the next player touches one.

BONUS: Jenga requires NO scoring.

The last player to stack a block without toppling the tower wins!

The player who makes the tower fall gets to set up the tower for the next round.


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