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Gen Con Aug 17-20,2017

by Sep 12, 2017

Batman, Spiderman, and a plethora of Super Heroes? Check. Costume Parade and Best Costume Contest? Check. Blood Drive AND a music concert? Check. Film Festival? Check. Weddings? Check. Engagements? Check. Around the clock gaming tournaments? Check. Sell out crowd? Check. 50th Anniversary Celebration? Check. Friends and family sharing hours of fun together? Check.

Do I have your attention yet? Check.

Where else can all these Checks come from except Gen Con ( ?!?!? Fotoboyz was there to see it all at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana! This was the first ever sell out for the gaming convention, which had over 60,000 people attend it’s 50th Anniversary August 17-20, 2017. Gamers come from all over the world to challenge each other on their favorite games, learn strategy from experts, meet and greet some of the best game designers in the industry, and purchase highly anticipated new releases from all the major gaming companies.

Fotoboyz has been at Gen Con with high end game creator CMON ( for many years now. We love coming here!! CMON is one of the top destination spots for Gen Con attendees. Their popular games bring thousands of people to their display every year.

Event Photos

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One of our favorite activations ever was for CMON last year for the release of their Unusual Suspects game. Phil from Fotoboyz came up with the idea to create a template that allowed guests to create a personalized playing card for the game. Guests came into the photo booth, posed in a “suspect” kind of way, and walked away with a playing card that will remind them of their AWESOME experience at CMON during Gen Con every time they play Unusual Suspects. It was a huge hit!!!! IMG 9654

This year, CMON wanted to dedicate almost their entire floor to the gaming experience. They rolled out the highly anticipated Rising Sun game and featured The Godfather game at Gen Con. Both were a huge hit!!! Many tables were also set up for their tried and true favorites such as Potion Explosion, Ta-Da, and Modern Art.

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An area was also dedicated to product sales. This sleek, clean area had a continuous line of gamers waiting to come in to purchase their CMON products!!

Fotoboyz helped define the sales area with 8 foot by 10 foot portable signage. We also created custom backdrops for the gaming area. Phil had the awesome idea for The Rising Sun and The Godfather backdrops to be lit from behind. They looked phenomenal and really helped the CMON products stand out in the crowd!!

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The hanging CMON cube attracted new gamers, as well as existing clients, by providing a giant eye-catching visual over CMON’s set up. This helped guide gamers to their destination quickly so they could enjoy CMON’s products ASAP!!! Fotoboyz had a lot of fun creating this cube– it may look simple, but it took some creativity and expertise to do it right.

While Fotoboyz usually does a photo booth or cool gaming activation for CMON, this year the focus was more on the visual elements to promote their products and bring clients to their trade show location. CMON was extremely happy with what Fotoboyz produced–the quality, the ideas, and the setup of the Fotoboyz elements exceeded CMON’s expectations. We love working with CMON and being a part of their success!!!

Let Fotoboyz help you stand out at your next trade show. We will work with you to make your ideas a reality, or help come up with a strategic way for you to gain visibility and make a memorable mark on trade show clientele.

We have to give an extra shout out to CMON for giving back to the community–CMON matched ALL the proceeds from The Rising Sun event at their booth and donated a check totalling $11,200 to the Indianapolis based charity Child Advocates!!

IMG 4736

Gen Con’s 50th Anniversary logo

IMG 1961

A Giant Creation being auctioned off for charity

FullSizeRender 14

Super Heroes in Line for the Costume Parade and Contest

IMG 4729

Other gaming characters line up for the Costume Parade and Contest

FullSizeRender 13Gen Con is a family affair!

FullSizeRender 12

Individuality and Creativity are encouraged at Gen Con

IMG 4732

Gamers playing at CMON

IMG 4465

Fotoboyz Created the Backlit Backdrops and the CMON Cube

IMG 4476

IMG 4466

IMG 4471

IMG 4473

IMG 4475