Giant Operation

AKA Under the Knife Game Rental

Giant Operation

The Under the Knife Game is an over-sized board game that’s fun for all ages!

Players use the huge tweezers to extract fun parts from the nervous patient. 

If either the tweezers or the game piece touches the game board, the patient’s nose lights up and funny sound effects are triggered.

It can go anywhere and this surgical game becomes the life of any party or event!

Basic Rules of Giant Operation

If you touch the metal sides of the cavity then the buzzer will sound and/or the red light will flash on. If either, or both, are observed, then the current player loses their turn and the player with specialist card (if any player has it) for that exact same operation can try. If they succeed then they are paid the higher fee listed on the specialist card.

If the specialist also fails then the doctor card is returned to the bottom of the doctor pile, and the specialist card is returned to the original player that held it (to possibly be used again).

Turns pass to the left.

Continue playing the game until all parts are “extracted.”

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