Giant Word Find

A Fun Way to Word Search


GIANT Word Find

We make a Giant 8’x8′ Word Find Puzzle and bring Giant Sharpies for guests to circle a word when they find it. Customize the crossword with corporate catchphrases, award winners at banquets, names of attendees, etc.

Why Go Giant?

Benefits of Word Searches

  • 1. Supports language fluency


  • 2. It can be used as a learning strategy


  • 3. Improves spelling


  • 4. It is a useful tool to learn languages


  • 5. Helps to improve concentration


  • 6. It teaches patience and persistence


  • 7. Keeps the brain active


  • 8. It helps to develop problem-solving skills


  • 9. It is therapeutic and relaxing


  • 10. It is a great opportunity for kids and adults to bond

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