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Knock It off by concha

Inflatable Knock It Down

This is a fast paced game that keeps kids entertained and laughing!!! Multiple players at a time throw soft balls at raised targets that fall down when hit. The person with the most points wins!

Interestingly Enough

While we know for sure our game isn’t rigged, did you know that a lot of these throwing games can make winning very difficult including classic games like knocking over milk bottles as well as throwing a ball into a bucket.

Those milk bottles that should be so easy to knock over can be made from heavier materials such as lead. Combine that with softballs that are made from lighter materials than soft balls are typically made of, such as cork, the game becomes a lot harder to win.

The ball bounce game can sometimes have springs in it that will launch the ball back out of the bucket.

There’s plenty of other ways that games can be pushed in the favor of the carnival or fair, but they’re still so much fun! Having a bit of a challenge can make the games more interesting and makes the competitions more entertaining.

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