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LED Graffiti Wall at Yellowfin Party

by | Jan 15, 2018

Arrrrrrgggghhhhhhh was a common expression at the Yellowfin Owner’s Event on June 23, 2017. The Pirate Themed event was full of fun for attendees–and for Fotoboyz staff!! We have been at this event for 5 years and enjoy it every time. This year we joined in the theme by dressing up as Pirates. The guests LOVED it and so did we!!!

Yellowfin is a family owned business that makes excellent quality fishing boats. Their family values carry over to this event making it super fun for kids and adults alike. Held at Hawks Cay, a beautiful high end resort on Duck Key, FL, Yellowfin owners gather with their boats for a weekend of events including a scavenger hunt by boat, swimming with the dolphins, and the annual dinner and dance.

Fotoboyz brought the LED Virtual Graffiti Wall to this year’s dinner and dance. All ages enjoyed it!! We had a line the entire night. One of the great things about this booth is how entertaining it is for those waiting to watch people creating a fun photo and then seeing how the Graffiti artists change the photo into a unique, memorable photo.

Many people came back again and again with different groups of friends and family. The Yellowfin founding family also took several photos enjoying the entire atmosphere, the Pirate Theme, and the fun of the LED Graffiti Wall. Everyone received print copies of their photos, no matter how many times they came in the booth. Our graphic design team created a border for the print photos with Yellowfin branding incorporated into a Pirate Theme. Guests also entered their email addresses into the Social Media Sharing Station to receive digital copies of their photos. This upgrade allowed guests to share their photos on social media making Yellowfin a trending topic!

We created custom props for this year’s event that guests loved! They could hold up signs of the Model Yellowfin boat they own, or choose an animated GIF of certain types of fish or their Yellowfin Boat Model. The Yellowfin team was thrilled with these additions since their branding was made more visible in a way that was very personable and memorable for their clients.

Guests ate a pirate worthy meal from a hearty buffet and danced all night to a fantastic band. They could also shop during the event with Yellowfin specialty products, Garmin equipment, Olukai Sandals, and other products available for purchase.  But none of this overshadowed the GREAT time guests were having with their family, old friends, and new found friends. Fotoboyz was happy to be a part of this event capturing fun photos of the fantastic Yellowfin crew with the LED Virtual Graffiti Wall! We were litterally non-stop until the last photo session…….with the band members wanting to get in on the act at the Graffiti Wall Fun!

Event Photos

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