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With arts and craft entertainment services, you can give your guests an experience they will never forget. Call us today or visit our Boynton Beach Mall location and we can help you plan all the excitement for your next event,

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Arts and Crafts Party Entertainment…

Fotoboyz offers all kinds of artsy party entertainment services for any event.  You bring the people, we’ll bring the fun!  With a range of options that let your guests make their own bears, do hair beading, make t-shirt designs, all the way to creating sand art and doing temporary tattoos, Fotoboyz has many options to add creativity and fun to your party!

Contact us with some information about your event, any specific themes, age groups, and other details, and we’ll help you plan the best arts and craft ideas for your guests.  Better yet, come visit our showroom in Boynton Beach Mall and we can give you a demonstration of many of our entertainment services!

Your staff was great, everyone was very professional and on point. And most importantly very, very nice. My family, my friends, and my husband’s family was so pleased! I give the company two thumbs up!


Airbrush Artist

In house artists sets up a mini Studio and customizes anything you want!

Chinese Name Painting

Watch the excitement as everyone learns how to see their name or favorite phrase in Chinese!

Jewelry Shop

You bring the guests, we bring the beads and accessories!  Guests have so much fun creating their own jewelry party favor.

Waxy Wonders

Guests have a great time creating their own waxy wonder to take home!

Photo Sticker Station

You thought photos were fun, photo stickers… AMAZING! Your guests will have a blast with these keepsakes.

Air Brush - Flash Tattoo Studio

Some things don’t last forever, but sometimes that is the fun!  Get crazy with a temporary tattoo party. We have hundreds of tattoo design to choose from, as well as different inks. Temporary Tattoo ‘s are great fun for kids and adults alike!


Great fun and a perfect take home gift for guests!

Sand Art

Guests choose from different colors to make their own take home art! It’s a fun and creative activity for guests of all ages.

Comic Art

Watch as our artist turns your caricature into a comic book hero.  So much fun, and a memorable gift sure to be loved!

Engraved Sports Team License

Get a license with your sports team engraved on it! This is a great entertainment option for sports themed parties.


Hire facepainters for your party!  Let imaginations run wild while our professional artists paint guests’ faces with designs of their choice.

ID Dog Tags

Create your own set of custom engraved dog tags for party favors! You can include names, event date, and fun info or a phrase from your event to engrave on the dog tags for a unique and fun memory.

T-Shirt Spin Art

Create your own t-shirt on site with awesome designs and colors! These make awesome gifts for guests, and lets them get creative too!

Bead Gear / Hair Wrapping

Let our professional hair beaders entertain your guests with hair gear and all kinds of bead options!

Photo Art

Old fashioned photos, sports photo cards, deco art and more!  Turn your picture into something even more memorable for a party gift.

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Don't miss out on great memories... Hire Fotoboyz for your next event!

Fotoboyz offers arts and craft entertainment and rentals in South Florida, including Miami, Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, the Florida Keys, Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, Martin County, and Monroe County.   If you are looking to have artsy entertainment at your next party in Florida, call us today or visit our showroom in Boynton Beach Mall!

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Book Today to add FUN and Entertainment to your next event!

Don't miss out on great memories... Hire Fotoboyz for your next event!