Fun Game Rentals

Classic Games for Rent

Classic Foosball

Fotoboyz brings Foosball back in style for your next event! Perfect for all parties, rec rooms, showrooms, or company events.

This table comes with LED’s lighting up the playing field making the event space literally light up

Giant LED Foosball

Giant LED Foosball is a classic Foosball table with the twist of having up to 16 players competing at the same time with two balls in play! 

We can customize the table with your event logo, company brand, or event theme for an additional fee.

Pop Shots Basketball

Two nets per Pop Shot Backboard allows 2 players at a time to challenge each other to a game of HORSE, free throws, or high score wins!

We set it up and provide small rubber basketballs while your guests bring their skills to the “court”.

Air Hockey

This classic game is fun for all ages! Great to combine to make a game room atmosphere. Facing off at opposite ends, opponents use a hand held blocker to send the puck sliding down the table towards the goal. If it goes in, score 1 for you!

Giant Twister

Twister but much bigger. We can take a whole group of people and create an exciting mish-mosh of arms and legs. Super interactive and good clean fun for all your participants With a 10′ X 10′ playing field.

Dome Hockey

Two teams (2 players on each side) challenge each other to a game of hockey! Players feel like they are on the ice is this exciting game. This is the fun classic dome you remember as a kid.

Football Toss

Who’s the best quarterback! Players face off and try to score the most touchdowns. Keep score and see who is the next Superbowl champ. We can put 2 of these next to each other and create a real competition.

Giant Word Find

We make a Giant 8’x8′ Word Find Puzzle and bring Giant Sharpies for guests to circle a word when they find it. Customize the crossword with corporate catchphrases, award winners at banquets, names of attendees, etc.

80s Arcade Games

Two players challenge each other to one of over 200 classic arcade games including Pac Man, Donkey Kong, even Galaga, etc. Super Fun for players who will be laughing, challenging each other, and trying to get the high score!

Giant Operation

It’s a Giant take on the game Operation. The board is elevated so guests stand over their “patient” and use giant tweezers to extract ailments such as a charley horse, broken heart, butterflies in the stomach, etc. Great for your cocktail hour.

Giant Connect Four

Giant Connect 4 is a must have party game! The game requires all the strategy, skill and good luck as the traditional Connect 4 (Connect Four) game that we have all played. Combine this with a few of our classic Giant Games and create your own sports arcade.

Giant Coloring Book

We print out a giant 8′ x 8′ coloring book page and bring giant Sharpies of all colors. Partygoers choose a section to color and by the end of the event, a beautiful picture has been created! You can keep the picture after the party if you’d like.

Giant Jenga

It’s traditional Jenga but in extra large size! This a great addition to any event. Players strategize to figure out how to carefully pull out individual blocks without toppling the entire tower.

LED Ping Pong Table

We have taken the classic ping pong table and converted it into a showpiece for your event. With bright LED lights, up to 4 players will play all night and have a blast! Let us add your logo or graphic to give it a personalized touch.

Candy Crane

This is a great addition to your party. We fill up the crane with your favorite candy. We even have a kosher candy option. Your guests play until they win. We can even switch it up with prizes.

Premium Games for Rent

Arcade Console Gaming1

Arcade & Console Gaming

Play the hottest games! Playstation, Nintendo, XBox available. Super cool truss style set-up includes a 50” monitor and 2 controllers. Extra controllers and monitors available for an additional fee

Giant Light Bright

Giant Light Bright brings back the classic creative game in a whole new light! The back wall is lit from behind and attendees insert the giant pegs to create their own unique piece of Light Bright art!!
LED Cornhole3

LED Corn Hole

With an AWESOME LED twist, Cornhole can be played with 2 or 4 players. Pick which side of the board you’ll throw from and even the guests who aren’t playing will watch! Our LED Cornhole will glow your event.
Table shuffleboard by concha solutions llc

Table Shuffleboard

Table shuffleboard is a game in which players push metal-and-plastic weighted pucks down a long and smooth wooden table into a scoring area at the opposite end of the table. Shooting is performed with the hand directly, as opposed to deck shuffleboard’s use of cue sticks.
Skee Ball


Skee-Ball is played by rolling a ball up an inclined lane and over a “ball-hop” hump that jumps the ball into bullseye rings. The object of the game is to collect as many points as possible by having the ball fall into holes in the rings which have progressively increasing point values.

Specialty Game Rentals


Virtual Reality

This AMAZING experience puts guests in a race car, on a roller coaster, flying an airplane, and many other fun options! Safe set up so guests don’t jump off the platform in their excitement.


The all time classic TV game show. With our professional set up your guests will be looking for Alex Trebek. ** Size, color and artwork may vary on game depending upon location.


We start off by playing 30 seconds of a song. Then you check your bingo card to see if you have that song and mark it off if you do. Each round has about 60-75 songs that play until we have a winner.
LED Wack N Smash2

LED Wack n Smash

Our LED Wack N Smash is an activity table that can be hours of fun at your school, church or corporate party! Go head-to-head with your opponent and see whose reaction time is faster!

Inflatable Game Rentals

Inflatable Basketball Dual Pop-Shot

Two players at a time shoot for the hoop! The balls keep coming making this a fast paced show down between competitors. The backboard of each alley can be customized with an event logo, company brand, or favorite player.

Inflatable Knock-It-Down

This is a fast paced game that keeps kids entertained and laughing!!! Multiple players at a time throw soft balls at raised targets that fall down when hit. The person with the most points wins!

Alien Invasion

Two players compete by firing bean bags towards open targets. Each target is worth points and the player who accumulates the most points WINS!!!! This game brings out the smiles from guests of ALL ages!!

Inflatable Soccer Kick

Test your aim! Kick small rubber soccer balls through the open targets on the backboard. The inflatable Goal has a ceiling and sides to help contain balls that miss the target.

Inflatable Football Challenge

Ready for the NFL? Test your throwing skills and aim at the openings in the backdrop to score points! Kids and adults alike have fun with this challenge! Guaranteed to be a touchdown!

Fun Game Rentals by Event & Occasion

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Game Rentals

Providing fun & entertaining games for Mitzvah’s is what we do!  Our LED versions of popular games are unique and create excitement for the kids and party-goers.  You can be sure that your Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah will be fun with game rentals from the FotoBoyz.

Wedding Reception Game Rentals

Having fun and relaxing games for your guests to play during your cocktail hour & reception is important.  Let the FotoBoyz bring the fun with our great and classic wedding games.

Corporate Event Game Rentals

From team building to company picnics, to holiday party festivities, our game rentals are a hit at any company party or event.  Take a look at our corporate and company party entertainment options.