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Console Gaming Rental Service

Rent a gaming lounge for your next event.  Our arcade rentals come with options for Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Wii and more, with an endless supply of game titles to choose from! Call us today and we can help you plan entertainment for your next event!

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Arcade and Console Gaming Rental Lounge…

Fotoboyz offers gaming console rental services for your arcade or gaming themed party. 

Throw a WOW party, or just set-up a room with lots of multi-player games! 

High Definition Gaming featuring the hottest titles for all events. Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, DJ Hero, Rock Band, and more!

ps4 controller


Rent a playstation system for your home arcade party!  PS2, PS3, PS4, you name the console and the games!



Rent Nintendo Wii consoles for your gaming lounge rental, and enjoy lots of multiplayer fun!

xbox one controller

Xbox Game Rental

Rent multiple XBox One or Xbox 360 consoles for your party.  Tons of Microsoft Xbox games to choose from.

Real Games Events

Fotoboyz offers foosball table rentals in South Florida, including Miami, Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, the Florida Keys, Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, Martin County, and Monroe County.   If you are looking to rent a foosball table in Florida, call us today or visit our showroom in Boynton Beach Mall!