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Rent a Selfie Mirror Photo Booth

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…. Haven’t you always wanted to ask that question? Now you and your guests can!!

Rent our full length Selfie Photobooth with mirror. Partygoers strike a pose and 8 seconds later receive a 4×6 full length body photo!

This is a unique classy photo booth for all types of events. Fast, easy and fabulous.

You and your amazing guests combined with our high energy attendants and our fun props are guaranteed to make the selfie mirror booth a full size memory maker!

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Selfie Mirror Photo Booth Rentals Include:

Why the Selfie Mirror Photo Booth?

Mirror Me Booth 16

Our mirrored selfie photobooths bring lots of energy and excitement to your party.

Selfie photobooths come with props and options to offer an intimate feel by being able to close the curtains and take your pictures in privacy.

The guests can come in the booth and pose in any fashion that they choose and have attendants to help them.

Customers can choose how to lay out the frames with custom colors, graphics, logo  and even your magical date on every photo.

This provides the guests with a memory that will last lifetime.

The mirrored photobooths used by Fotoboyz utilizes a high-resolution camera, strobe light flash, and a high-speed photo printer capable of printing film strips in full color or black and white.

If you are looking to rent a selfie photobooth in Miami and surrounding areas, call the Fotoboyz at (561) 756-0663. 

Fotoboyz provides short-term and long-term rentals of the all our photobooths for all kinds of parties, whether it’s a simple birthday party, wedding, or even multi-day conferences or sporting events! 

Fotoboyz even provides themed props for your event.

Custom Selfie Mirror Branding

Mirror Booth Custom Acrylic 1
Mirror Booth Custom Acrylic 3

Celebrity Experience

Selfie mirror photo booth rentals are all the rage, and are the newest addition to the Fotoboyz rental photo booth arsenal!

Your guests are guided in front of the 4′ x 5′ selfie mirror where they watch themselves pose and be silly in the life size mirror.

Full length body photos are captured and party goers can choose from a selection of fun props such as hats, wigs, feather boas, and even an assortment of custom made props to maximize the fun factor!

This mirrored selfie photo booth rental creates lasting memories of any event.

The selfie booth set up takes only a few minutes and it will look stylish at any venue.

To make it look classier, all of our photography equipment is hidden behind the mirror so your guests won’t even see the camera. 

Guests love the full length picture because they can show off their great outfits!

Everything we do is unlimited so your guests can pose for and receive as many pictures as they want by themselves or in groups of family and friends!

If you are thinking about renting a selfie photo booth for your event, consider adding our red carpet rental package with velvet ropes to create a VIP photo shoot for your guests. This red carpet upgrade is nice way to add some additional flair to your event.

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Customize your Photo Booth Experience

Custom Backdrop

Custom Backdrop Choices

Have a specific color, theme, or design in mind for a backdrop?  Fotoboyz lets you choose from any of our pre-designed backdrops for your photobooth, or you can design a custom backdrop with your brand, company logo, monogram, etc to make your event unique. Custom photobooth backdrops are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to custom photobooth design options we can make!

Custom Photo Frame

20.12.31 New Years mockup

Our Graphic Design Team can create a unique frame to match your theme, or you can select from a number of pre-designed templates that can be altered just for you. This creates a keepsake for your event sure to carry extra special memories.

Custom Scrapbook

scrapbook by concha solutions

After your guests pose in any of our photo booths, Fotoboyz will immediately print each guest a copy. An additional copy is printed to be glued into your scrapbook. Our professional attendants encourage guests to write funny or heartfelt messages using colored sharpies, glitter pens, and markers. At the end of the event, you get the scrapbook with all the photos and special messages for a lasting memory of your event and all the fun your guests had!!

Social Media Sharing

Social media share station by Concha Solutions

After guests come out of the booth, we bring them to the Social Media Sharing Station where they enter their email address and or phone number. Their photo shoot is instantly uploaded to their phone, tablet and/or computer so they can then share it Via Facebook, twitter, texts, email, etc…People love this feature, and it makes your event go Viral! It’s a great way to share your special memories with friends and family who may not be able to attend, or to spread your company logo beyond the event.


External Monitor Display

External Monitor Display 2

With the option to add an external monitor display to your photobooth rental, you can add even more fun to the event. As photos are taken in the photobooth, they are added to the party slideshow that runs throughout the night on a 50 inch Monitor outside of the Photo Booth. Guests can see themselves and others having Photo Booth fun during the entire event!


Real Selfie Mirror Photo Booth Events

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