car photoboothFotoboy’z custom photobooth service are a perfect match for businesses looking to create a unique event experience.  Recently, JM Family Enterprises, the world’s largest Lexus dealer, approached FotoBoyz with the idea of creating a unique experience for their upcoming event. This was an exclusive event for high level donors to Florida Atlantic University. The setting was an Aircraft Hanger at the private Boca Raton, FL airport.

The idea was to create a more engaging concept than a traditional photo booth or photo op in front of one of JM Lexus’ cars. Fotoboyz came up with the idea of making the actual interior of the car BE a Photo Booth!

car photobooth 1We had many obstacles; the narrow field of vision shooting inside a dark car interior, where & how to mount the camera, getting the lighting right for the front and the back seat participants, how to make the equipment presentation look cool and inviting, etc.

We LOVE these kind of challenges! It took a bit of time and a lot of testing, but in the end we created a super cool experience.

According to Jennifer Warner Sr Meeting & Special Events Coordinator: We “hit the ball out of the park.” The attendees responded well and were excited about being inside the car. It was a much more engaging experience than a traditional photo op! People were able to interact with the car and see its awesome features–even smell that new car smell in a fun and not at all “sales” type of situation.

We custom wrapped the car exterior with FAU & JM Lexus logos. Even the photo booth had exclusive graphics branding! To add pizzazz, we added a 4 foot X 10 foot Red Carpet and Velvet Ropes to each side of the car. Lastly, LED lights under the car added a dramatic effect.

The best element was our social media component. Our goal always is to create a lasting experience beyond the time attendees are present at the event. Guests shared their photos via email, text, instagram and especially Facebook. Every time a photo was shared, JM Lexus and FAU received branding in a subliminal and fun way!!

We added special code to the Lexus Facebook page that allowed for instant uploading live from the event directly to their page. This gave guests a reason to interact, like and share their special moment with their group of friends.

Fotoboyz is always trying to push ourselves by creating a truly unique and memorable experience for every client. This was such a win for our client, we are in talks to have this activation in 6 other markets!!! We can create unique set ups for your event too.

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