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Giant Twister Rental

We’ve made the classic game into a giant size for multiple players and tons of fun!!! 

Fotoboyz provides the game mat, the spinner, and an attendant to help out during your event.

Guests of all ages have a great time with the Giant Twister.

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Basic Twister Rules

  • Players first remove their shoes and stand at opposite ends of the mat, near the word twister, facing each other.


  • Each player must then place their feet on the yellow and blue circle closest to them.
  • The ‘referee’ spins and reads aloud the limb and colour the arrow is pointing to. (For example “Right Hand – Red).


  • Players must then move to obey the direction of the Referee.


  • Only ONE limb from ONE player only can occupy any one circle at one time – if both players reach for the same circle, the Referee will decide which player was there first.


  • Once limbs have been placed on the circle, including both feet at the start, they cannot be moved or lifted without the direction of the Referee by each spin. However, one limb may be lifted to allow another limb to pass by but must be immediately replaced to the circle it was originally on. The Referee must be notified before making this move.


  • If all the circles of one colour are taken up, the Referee must spin until a different colour comes up.


  • Except for rule 7, the player must move the limb that is called to another circle even if it is already on the same colour that is called.


  • Whenever a player falls, or lets an elbow or knee touch the mat, the game is over for that player. The winner is the last player standing.

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